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nvigen logoNVIGEN is a nanotechnology empowered personalized medicine innovator.
Our pipeline of visionary solutions stems from our innovative nanomedicine platform. We are focusing on the development of a comprehensive circulating bio-marker biopsy technology, NVIGEN X™, to predict cancer recurrence at the earliest possible time and guide the most effective personalized therapy.

NVIGEN X™ is enabled by the state-of-the-art molecularly engineered nanoparticles, MagVigen™ and MyQuVigen™, to efficiently capture and identify molecular information from proteins, cells and nucleic acids. We are developing NVIGEN X™ into accurate, automated and FDA approved clinical instruments and reagent kits deployable at hundreds and thousands of hospitals, turning fatal cancers into manageable diseases.

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MagVigen™- Anti-rabbit IgG conjugates Kit K21006 - 1ml

€ 364,32